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Derringer’s 13 Days of Christmas

Jan Final 2017.jpg

The 14th Anniversary of Derringer’s 13 Days of Christmas was a huge success, raising $644,255.92 in cash, product, services and Barter dollars! We are so grateful to John Derringer, the whole crew of Derringer in the Morning, Q107, Corus Entertainment, all the Q-listeners and faithful supporter of Abuse Hurts for making it possible for us to make a difference in people's lives!

For the last 14 years, John Derringer has been a devoted advocate for Abuse Hurts through his morning radio show and the “Derringer’s 13 Days of Christmas” campaign for Abuse Hurts. To date, the campaign has collectively raised over 11.1MM (in cash, product, services and Barter dollars), which has helped Abuse Hurts assist over 100,000 people each year, through 100+ agencies.

Derringer has been an effective proponent of awareness around the effects of abuse and the need for people to step up and join the effort to reduce the significant impact of abuse on society and the economy.  Abuse Hurts has established many important connections with individuals and corporations because of this powerful campaign and Derringer’s loyal listeners have been very compassionate toward the cause.